Interagency Working Group on Drugs

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IAWGD Annual Report 2015-2016

IAWGD Annual Report 2015-2016 (accessible)

IAWGD Annual Report 2014-2015

IAWGD Annual Report 2013-2014

IAWGD Annual Report 2012-2013

IAWGD Annual Report 2011-2012

IAWGD Annual Report 2010-2011

IAWGD Annual Report 2009-2010

About the Interagency Working Group on Drugs (IAWGD)

The IAWGD is the principal advisory body to the Tasmanian Government on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs related issues.  It is responsible for monitoring drug use trends and harms in Tasmania, and for implementing, monitoring, progressing and reporting on progress of the NDS and the Tasmanian Drug Strategy (TDS) and related strategic policy responses to the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in the Tasmanian community.

The work of the IAWGD is supported by an advisory structure specific to alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs respectively, and by liaison with specialist treatment and service delivery.

The IAWGD is currently chaired by the Deputy Secretary, Strategic Policy and Regulatory Services of the Department of Health and Human Services, and is a cross-agency working group comprising senior representatives from:

  • Department of Health and Human Services
    • Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Directorate
    • Public Health Services
    • Government Relations and Strategic Policy
  • Department of Police and Emergency Management
    • Assistant Commissioner, Planning and Development (Deputy Chair)
    • Policy Development and Research Services
  • Department of Treasury and Finance/Commissioner for Licensing
    • Liquor and Gaming Branch
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Justice
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet
    • Policy Division
  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Council, Tasmania (ATDC)
  • Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT) – Observer status

IAWGD Documents